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Facing Anxiety At School – 7 Tips to Help

05/07/2022 | BehaviorBlogSchool success

Anxiety surrounding school is on the rise on the back of long periods at home in lockdown and the frequent and unpredictable changes to schooling over the past few years.   Anxiety in kids can sometimes be difficult to notice and once identified,  it can be challenging to know how to help. Anxiety in kids can […]


Transition time is music time

It’s never fun having to pack away toys and stop playing. Even sometimes simple things like putting our shoes on is a struggle! These difficulties with transitions can feel like they go on forever and become a routine part of every day. As parents and therapists we say to ourselves we’ll stay calm, we won’t […]

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Top Ten Tips for the Summer Break

12/12/2016 | BehaviorOtherPlaySensorySpeech and language

The summer holidays are fast approaching here in Aus, and while many of us are looking forward to a relaxing few weeks of not having to get up and rush out the door each day, the holidays can in fact be a difficult time for some of our children with developmental differences. Here are our […]

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10 things to know about floortime

12/02/2016 | BehaviorBlogPlaySpeech and language

  As a parent of a child with developmental differences, the process of engaging in therapy to support your child’s development can be a daunting task. At the click of a Google search button, we can find tonnes of information about therapy approaches and programs available, all of which have something to offer. Parents thus […]


The many faces of bullying and how you can help

Bullying – that pesky thing that has lingered in schools from day dot. Despite decade’s worth of research and the attention placed on it in schools today, bullying still continues to be a real issue. Primary school kids are more educated than ever on what bullying is, but sometimes kids (and their parents and teachers) […]

Pixar Post – Inside Out characters closeup

Are your child’s emotions inside out?

Feelings. That little thing that seems to be pushed aside, and sometimes, pushed under the carpet! Sometimes, we don’t even what to think of them, and often put them in the ‘not needed’ box. The new Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out, brings a friendly reminder about just how important emotions are and how they can […]

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Keys to Building Confidence in Children

Just like kids, confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. As children develop, their confidence levels usually change. There will be times when children will appear more confident and other times when they doubt themselves, underestimate their abilities, or tend to err on the side of caution in unfamiliar or new situations. Confidence can be […]

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A good night’s sleep – 5 top tips to help children settle

  We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.  So when the bed preparation is taking too long, or your child has difficulty settling down for the night these tips may help. 1. Make sure your child is doing enough physical activity during the day Doing an activity that will get […]