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Your first therapy experience: What to expect

14/02/2018 | BlogOther

  Before anything else, we would like to welcome you to Sensational Kids! Since you are currently reading this entry, you have probably already spoken to one of our clinical administrators to book your initial appointment. Whether it is with an occupational therapist, speech therapist, music therapist, art therapist, counsellor or psychologist, first appointments are […]

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ADHD/ ADD or Sensory Processing Disorder?

22/02/2017 | Other

Busy, naughty, distracting, misbehaving, trouble-making….just some of the phrases we hear daily about kids with movement, modulation or neuro-biological reasons leading to difficulty sitting still and concentrating. Often first picked up when the demands of kindergarten or school increase, ADHD/ ADD and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) are very real and can have a huge impact […]

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Top Ten Tips for the Summer Break

12/12/2016 | BehaviourOtherPlaySensorySpeech and language

The summer holidays are fast approaching here in Aus, and while many of us are looking forward to a relaxing few weeks of not having to get up and rush out the door each day, the holidays can in fact be a difficult time for some of our children with developmental differences. Here are our […]

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Making mealtimes fun

29/11/2016 | Other

Mealtimes! A word that can evoke a mixture of emotions for Parents.  Supporting your child to have a healthy relationship with food takes time and patience.  Here are our top tips in ideas to make mealtimes fun and to help your child have a positive attitude towards food and become excited about mealtimes. PRIORITISE Life […]

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How to save time, money AND get great therapy results…tips from those in the know

05/10/2016 | Other

It seems contradictory, I know.  To suggest that attending your therapy appointments frequently and as recommended will actually potentially SAVE you money in the long run?  Well it’s absolutely true – well in most cases, anyway! We know from the extensive research conducted on the frequency and intensity of therapy, that more intense, frequent therapy […]

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Swing, jump, roll! How movement helps our body

07/07/2015 | Body and movementOtherSensory

So, here’s a refresher from our school days. Can you name all of our senses? So there’s smell, sight, taste, touch and sound. But did you know we have two more senses (and no, intuition is not one of them!). You’ll most likely hear about these additional two senses when speaking with an Occupational Therapist […]

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A good night’s sleep – 5 top tips to help children settle

  We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.  So when the bed preparation is taking too long, or your child has difficulty settling down for the night these tips may help. 1. Make sure your child is doing enough physical activity during the day Doing an activity that will get […]

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Out and About With the Companion Card

17/12/2014 | Other

With school holidays just around the corner, you may be on the lookout for fun activities for the kids.  Like most families, there are some activities or events where you may be happy to splurge a little but being hip-pocket conscious (especially after Christmas!) is important so you don’t blow the family budget.  For families […]


When is it time to see a therapist?

14/11/2014 | Other

One of the most common questions we field is, “How do I know when it’s time to see a therapist?”  We all know there is a wide range of ‘normal’ – a 2 year-old with some single words, or another putting strings of sentences together.  A teenager withdrawing from family gatherings, or another involved at […]