Sensational Kids’ speech therapists work with children of all ages and their families to develop children’s communication and swallowing skills and supporting them to achieve their potential.  Our skilled speech therapists use a range of evidence-based approaches, including Floortime and SOS Feeding to promote speech, language, swallowing and social skills for children.  Our speech team value the importance of making sessions fun and enjoyable for children and their families and enjoy seeing children grow and develop their unique potential.

Speech Therapists


Joellee graduated from Curtin University (Perth, WA) with a Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology). She has worked across multiple settings such as primary and secondary school, Child Protection Services and private practice. Joellee has a special interest in working with children who are late to talk, difficulties with speech sounds, social skills and children who have a diagnosis of Autism. Joellee provides a play based approach to therapy and enjoys supporting families to continue their improvements outside the clinic. Joellee works at Ormond Monday- Friday.


Zarin Cenna graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2018. She is passionate about working with children with a range of diagnosis and backgrounds, and strives to deliver holistic care by establishing clear communication with families and other disciplines. Since graduating Zarin has a particular interest and flair for involving artistic and creative elements in her therapy coming from her background as an artist. She is also fluent in the Bangla language and able to apply this if ever needed. She has worked in a number of settings since graduating, including private practice, school, home and clinic, and is now based in clinic. Zarin works to tailor each session in a manner that is appropriate and effective for each individual child to allow for the best outcome possible. She works Tuesday to Saturday at our Ormond clinic.


Rose graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Speech Pathology. Rose aims to maximise each child’s confidence and communication skills by providing evidence-based therapy tailored to their interests and strengths, and at the same time working collaboratively with the child’s family and all the important people involved. Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Rose is able to work closely with culturally and linguistically diverse clients and their families to ensure a holistic care is provided. Rose is committed to ongoing professional learning to help her clients achieve their full potential, as she believes that the ability to communicate plays a crucial role in making moments memorable for everyone. Rose is based at our Kensington clinic.

Katie Mulholland

Katie graduated from La Trobe University (Melbourne) with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology. She is passionate about working with children with a range of diagnoses and backgrounds and is dedicated to learning about what motivates your child most so that they can achieve success. Katie particularly enjoys working with early intervention clients on their language development and with children who need help with their speech sounds. She is passionate about creating a supportive environment and working collaboratively with families to help children reach their full potential.

Katie works at our Ormond clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Katherine Costello

Katherine is a dedicated and dynamic Speech-Language Pathologist who graduated with a Master of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Katherine has experience in providing holistic, evidence-based services for clients of all ages. With previous experience in disability support, literacy program development, and industry consulting, she has worked across a broad range of practice areas. Katherine’s particular areas of interest are literacy, language, executive functioning, and social skills. This allows her to continue her passion of enabling all individuals to read, write and communicate.

Katherine is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for her clients through continuous collaboration with families and schools. She is also committed to ongoing professional development, and has undertaken additional training in the areas of literacy, language, and social skills. Katherine is based at our Kensington clinic.


Tegan graduated from La Trobe University with a bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Speech Pathology.
Tegan has experience in assessing and delivering therapy to children with a range of communication difficulties including the areas of language, speech sounds and social skills. She has seen the benefits of working collaboratively with families and other health professionals to create a supportive environment for children to achieve their goals.
Tegan is passionate about using holistic and evidence-based therapy to provide the best opportunities for children with communication difficulties to reach their full potential. Tegan is based at our Ormond clinic.


Jenny offers assessment services at our Kensington site.