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17/12/2014 | Other

Out and About With the Companion Card

With school holidays just around the corner, you may be on the lookout for fun activities for the kids.  Like most families, there are some activities or events where you may be happy to splurge a little but being hip-pocket conscious (especially after Christmas!) is important so you don’t blow the family budget.  For families of kids with disabilities, heading out on the town can end up being more costly, as carers are often required to participate in activities to facilitate for their child.  This is where the Companion Card comes in!

The Companion Card has been developed to promote the existing right of people with a disability to fair ticketing. It is not a new responsibility nor is it a discount scheme, concession or benefit. It simply enables people with a disability to get the assistance they require to access venues and events without the added financial burden of being charged two admissions.

Just because a child has a special need, does not mean that the family should miss out on fun-filled events or fun activities. Though having a lifelong disability may be a struggle for the child and the carers of the child, there are many ways that you can build social interactions and have fun with your child in a safe and caring environment. Many associations have put forward their resources so that you can enjoy a day out with your child at no extra cost.

The Companion Card provides help in regards to:

  • Free public transport for carers
  • Free entry for the companion into The Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, Adventure Park – Wallington, and even AFL games at all venues – including interstate games.

Among these events and locations there are many other facilities, aquatic centres, sports clubs and arts centres all around Victoria that are happy to support this program.


For further information or to find an activity supported by Companion Card click: 

To see if you are eligible for your child to receive the Companion card, click:


Author: Dani Coulthard (Psychologist, SK)


  1. Stella Mary Shammi Shivakumar — 18 November 2018 — 12:29 am

    I have just applied for companion card and will be getting it next will you’ll accept companion cards for your events.please let me know.

  2. Fran Nicholson — 3 February 2019 — 11:15 pm

    Hi Stella,

    Unfortunately we cannot accept companion cards as a form of payment in our practice. We are registered for Medicare and private health only.
    Kind regards, Fran