21/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

Weekend fun – Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #2

This weekend we’ll feature some great activities to work on gross motor skills (movement that involves large muscle groups) including jumping, climbing, balance, coordination and running. Kids naturally love running and jumping but here are some fun activities that you can do with them than can also work on hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and planning!


  •  Lawn bowls:  You don’t have to have a proper set to play this game. Pop an item (a toy car, rock or another ball) in the middle of the lawn and take turns trying to roll a ball to knock the item.  This doesn’t have to be a competitive game but some older children may like to compete with you! You can also take this game inside if it’s raining and make it carpet bowls.


  •  Obstacle course:  This is one of my favourites!  Set up an obstacle course with your child – get them to talk you through the course as you go and explain what is required at each step.  For example, “You start at the step, then you have to run around the blue chair, then jump over the broomstick and then pick up the ball and throw it into the bucket and run back to the start”.  This fantastic activity works on planning and language skills, organisation, problem-solving and gross motor skills.  Make it longer for older kids and a few steps for toddlers.


  •  Act like an animal:  This fun guessing game can be played by kids 2+.  Children have to think of an animal and then silently act like the animal.  Younger children will benefit from having an adult partner to help model for them and they may also like to make the animal noises.  Older kids will need to think about how the animal behaves and act this out for their play partner.  When the partner guesses, you switch roles!


  • Gardening: With spring well and truly here, a spot of gardening is a fun and rewarding activity for kids.  Get them to help you at every step – from selecting the plants, planning on where to place them, digging the holes, placing and covering the plants with dirt and watering them in.  Just like us, kids will get a sense of satisfaction with the finished product and can watch their plants grow over time.  Just remember to have your kids use protective equipment such as a face mask if handling potting mix, gloves and sturdy shoes to avoid any injuries.


  • Playgrounds: And of course one of the most obvious options is a trip to your local park! With all of the equipment built in you can sit and relax while your kids play or join in for a workout of your own!


Have a great weekend!