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28/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun: Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #3

We are blessed this weekend to have wonderful weather heralding the onset of summer on Monday. To kick start our summer activities, here is a run down of the best activities for hot days. All of these activities have a huge range of sensory, language and physical opportunities.

1. The beach: The beach is a wonderful place to explore in summer or winter.  Be sure to visit earlier in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid the heat in the middle of the day and equip yourself with lots of sunscreen and a good beach umbrella or tent.  The beach has loads of sensory experiences, from the cool water, the splashing waves, the squelchy or rough sand and the salty water. Search for shells and seaweed, smooth stones or cuttlefish. Fly a kite, kick a ball or build a sandcastle. Either way, you will have a day or half day of open air, interesting finds and your kids will no doubt go home tired (or nap on the way home – bonus!)

2. Backyard fun: The backyard has a multitude of activities to keep your little ones entertained on a hot day including sprinklers, slip ‘n slides, water bombs or sand pit/ water table fun.  Take the opportunity to teach language concepts such as wet/ dry, hot/ cold, wait/ go, on/off, up/down, fast/ slow etc.

3. Explore the cool underwater worlds of the Aquarium: On a hot day there is nothing cooler than the aquarium.  Explore the underwater worlds, feed the sharks and stingrays and dip your hands into the sensory pools to see what you can find!  You can usually find cheaper tickets online in special deals (pay for and print tickets before you head in).

4. Making ice blocks: Ice blocks are a wonderfully cooling treat in summer and you can have fun making these in the morning with your little ones in preparation for an afternoon treat!  Cooking with kids offers so many opportunities for conversation and helps develop motor skills as well as planning and organisation skills. There is also a great sense of satisfaction when the job is done and you have a yummy treat to try. There are so many recipes online but here is one of my favourites.  These are so easy to make – simple put all the ingredients in a blender, pour into moulds and add a stick and freeze!

Mango and Yoghurt Ice Blocks

  • 2 cups Greek style natural yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt)
  • 2 large ripe mangoes, flesh only
  • 1 small can (165ml) coconut milk
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Have a great weekend everyone and stay cool!