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14/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun – Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #1

It’s going to be a bit wet and wooly this weekend so here are a couple of great activities you can do inside and outside with your little ones.  We don’t promise them to be tidy but they are fun!

How to make Cloud Dough

A wonderful sensory activity for you and your kids.  Cloud dough has the consistency of flour but when compacted, it has the consistency of wet sand.

For those with wheat allergies, you can consider making this with gluten free flour.  This recipe makes a fair bit of dough so you can halve this if you like.


  • 8 cups of flour
  • 1 cup baby oil
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Large plastic container (a bucket will do)
  • Optional:  Sand molds, hand shovels etc.


  1. Mix the flour and baby oil together in the large bowl.
  2. Transfer to a large container and have fun (outside under cover is best but have the vacuum ready if you do this inside)!!  How easy is that?


Fun Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to encourage creativity, activity and movement.


  • A container for each child participating
  • A list of items (for younger children) or a list of descriptions for older kids.  See examples below for some ideas.
  • Remember this doesn’t have to be a race!  Some older children may want it to be but it’s about completing your list, not racing to the finish.  Make your own judgement on how you’d like to go about it.


  1. Put the containers in a central space (such as the loungeroom or kitchen).
  2. Give each child their list
  3. Help younger children where need be and prompt older children.  Try not to give direct answers but get them thinking aloud and problem solving their list.
  4. To encourage movement, keep the containers in a set location and the kids have to run back and place their item in the container and then set off for the next one.

 Sample lists:

  • Toddler (2+):  A ball, a car, a button, a spoon, a book etc. (you could place these items in obvious locations around the house to make it easy for them to find. Walk around with them and help them find the object and pop it in the container).
  • Young children (3-5): Something round, something straight, something square, something that bounces, a beautiful toy, something red/yellow/blue etc.
  • Older kids (6+): Something you eat, something you think is beautiful, something that changes shape, something you think is a treasure, something smooth, something that is fuzzy, two different sized balls etc.


The Great Outdoors

One of the best things about rainy weekends is that most people tend to seek the warmth and comfort of the indoors – leaving many fantastic options available for you to explore without the crowds!

One of our favourite places to visit is the zoo.  Here kids can explore different environments and learn about all of the wild and wonderful animals in the world.  In keeping with our treasure hunt theme above, set up a ‘treasure hunt’ at the zoo – ask your child to find and tick off different items, animals, colours or shapes and help them explore and focus as they go.  Talk about what you see, and when you are heading home, ask them (or help them) create a story about your day.  If you child has language challenges or if they are very young, you could create a narrative, re-visiting your day and pop in some fun animal noises to liven up the story!

So pop on your gumboots, raincoats and take an umbrella and explore the zoo – rain, hail or shine!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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