Sensational Kids’ Counsellors are a vital part of our mental health team.  They work with children of all ages and their families to help develop skills that support their social and emotional wellbeing and provide strategies and support to help with emotional regulation and anxiety managment.  All of Sensational Kids’ Counsellors are Masters level qualified health professionals and bring with them a range of evidence-based and practical strategies to promote and strengthen the mental health of our clients.  Our Counselling team value the importance of enjoyable, confidental and meaningful therapy for children and work collaboratively with caregivers to ensure good transferrance of skills into school, home and the community.





-Diploma of Health, Bachelor of Psychology & Master of Counselling-

Brendan is a PACFA registered Counsellor with experience across multiple industries working with a vast array of people – from children, to the elderly and clients in custodial settings. Brendan graduated from Monash University with a Masters in Counselling after working with vulnerable children of immigrating and refugee families. He has also spent some time volunteering in combatting loneliness across Australia during the lockdowns through telehealth crisis supports.

Brendan utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach – using modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy along with play-based therapies and learning. As a strong proponent for play as a method of both communication and development Brendan has experience working with many issues experienced by adolescents – emotional regulation, communication issues, complex blended family situations and more. Brendan has a strong passion for creative activities out of the office and brings this to the way he engages and builds rapport with children. Brendan is based at our Kensington site.

Lorrae Taylor - team wellbeing support

-Bachelor of Psychological Science & Master of Counselling-

Lorrae is a PACFA registered counsellor with her Master in Counselling from Monash University and her Bachelors in Psychological Sciences from Deakin University.

Lorrae has a wide range of experience working with children in the education/childcare industry over the past few years and completing all her placement hours at local primary schools. Lorrae focuses on getting to know each child and using their passions and skills to assist them as an individual using play based therapies and integrating this with mindfulness, art and cognitive based therapies based on each child’s needs and goals.

Lorrae in her spare time enjoys dancing, socialising and being creative and uses these skills and passions within her work to bring happiness to each child and build rapport. Lorrae is based at our Cheltenham clinic.