Group Programs
Building social confidence

Our social skills groups are a great way to practice skills learned in one-on-one sessions in a supportive, safe and fun setting.

Sensational Kids offers a selection of group programs for children and we run these each term. Groups are carefully hand-picked to match children based on their ages, goals, needs and areas of challenge.  Group sizes vary from two children with one therapist, to small groups with up to 8 children.


Group therapy provides children a safe environment to practice skills and techniques learned in individual sessions. They allow therapists to identify and focus on key areas of challenge and strength in a social setting that we may not otherwise have an opportunity to observe.

Some of the things we work on in our groups include:

  • Social confidence
  • Using the right language, body language and gestures
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Attention and concentration
  • Awareness of others
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Perspective taking
  • Group participation and turn taking
  • Resilience
  • Negotiating social situations
  • Reading body cues
  • Following directions
  • Problem solving and reasoning
  • Sensory and motor skills



If you are interested in groups or your therapist has recommended you consider a group for your child, please complete an Expression of Interest form available at reception, or give us a call to discuss further. If you are new to our practice, you will meet with a therapist first to set goals and decide which group is best suited to your child.


Playmates (ages 3-5)

This group focuses on enriching social skills, playing with others, sensory and motor skills, attending and following directions and motor skill development.

School Readiness Group (For children commencing Prep the following year)

Our specially developed group program is perfect for children needing a little extra support and practice with:

  • Paying attention and listening at mat time
  • Following instructions in the classroom or playground
  • Understanding the rules
  • Making friends
  • Interacting with peers confidently
  • Expressing him/herself clearly

Social Dyads (Ages 3+)

Intensive social skills-based program for children who require practice with a peer, without the larger group setting. The therapist guides and supports two children in play to help further develop play and social  skills.

My Buddies (Prep – Grade 2)

A vibrant, fun group for children who have difficulty negotiating social situations, including children experiencing general anxiety, or difficulties with social interaction, attention or developing a robust sense of self.

My Friends and I (Grade 3 - Grade 6)

A group designed to help kids navigate social situations in a natural setting.  Lots of opportunities to learn practical skills and practice these with their peers, focusing on negotiation, problem-solving, recognising and appreciating differences in others, compromising, reading subtle social messages and conflict management.

Music Therapy Groups 

Our varied Music Therapy programs offer a different approach to therapy, through music.  Focussing on social skills, language, listening skills, turn-taking and motor skills, kids engage through a variety of musical experiences, from listening through to playing instruments.  We offer three different groups:  Music & Me (0-2 years); Preschool of Rock (3-5 years); Jamming Sidekicks (6-9 years) run on a term-by-term basis.

January School Holiday Group Programs

Prep 4 Prep

Is your child starting prep in next year? Help your child get off to the best possible start by enroling them in our January school holidays Prep 4 Prep program - an intensive one or two week program focussing on helping kids develop their confidence around school routine, making friends, listening and attending to instructions, playground skills, and dealing with those more challenging moments in the school classroom and playground. The program includes loads of fun and interactive activities that help kids transfer skills to the classroom setting. 
Cost: Please call our clinic for details and to discuss funding/ rebate options.