Dear Families,

We are committed to the provision of therapy services for your child during this time of rapid and frequent change.  Please see the news section below for further details and updates on our changes to service. 

Attending appointments

4th November, 2020:  Clinic reopening

Thanks to all of our families who have so willingly transitioned to telehealth/ online therapy.  We are very excited to have our clinic open again after working via telehealth for the past 7 months.  Our full team is back on site and we are working on a gradual return to clinic so that our team is able to transition to a new way of working for the time being.

Moving forward we are offering both face to face and telehealth sessions for our clients. Many of our clients have seen great results working remotely with our team and are wanting to continue this approach moving forward.  We are also seeing a combination approach, with some sessions face to face, alternating with telehealth.

Please contact our admin team at either site to confirm what model works best for you and your child.  Please also ensure you have submitted your appointment request form for 2021 as we will soon be opening up our 2021 calendar to our waitlist clients.

Updates and News

The Australian Psychological Society has worked with Private Health Funds to approve Psychology services delivered by Telehealth until March, 2021. This is great news for our privately funded clients.


Please download and complete our Telehealth Consent Form if you are starting Telehealth sessions. If you don’t have a printer at home, ADOBE and DOCUHUB have online (electronic) signature options. Failing that, please email the form to and confirm in the email you have read the form and agree to the content.   Telepractice Informed Consent

We are also about to roll our our electronic version of this form. Please call Ormond admin for further details.

Helpful Resources

We will keep all of our helpful resources here so you can help your kids understand the changes to their therapy.


Take a look at our Facebook page also for further information.

Thanks to you all for your flexibility and commitment – we look forward to seeing you online or face to face soon!

Love, The SK Team