Dear Families,

We are committed to the provision of therapy services for your child during this time of rapid and frequent change.  Please note as of Monday 30th March we will be offering all our our current services over telehealth/ online only and we will be closed to in-clinic/ in-person appointments until further notice

Please see below for details on our service offerings over telehealth and please call the clinic to convert your regular sessions to telehealth before next week.

Attending appointments

9th April, 2020:  Clinic closure

Thanks to all of our families who have so willingly transitioned to telehealth/ online therapy.  As per the State Government’s recently released plans for social distancing and remote learning for Term 2, we have made the decision to continue with telehealth services for our clients.  This decision was made in the best interests of our client’s and team’s safety.  We understand that Telehealth is not for everyone and that some of your children may be impacted by this decision.  We will do our best in this instance to offer alternatives or recommend an alternative service for you to attend while we are closed. Please speak with our team should this impact you.

New service delivery model: Online Therapy/ Telehealth

Our team is working tirelessly to offer Telehealth services which will be our primary method of service delivery moving forward until such time that we are instructed. This week we are working to have our telehealth services up and running for the school holidays and will keep you posted with commencement dates. Some of our clients are already up and running with telehealth services and the feedback has been very positive!

Please click here for details on our Telehealth services: Telehealth Information for Clients

Please click here for our payment process and terms for telehealth:  Telehealth Payments

Please click here for information on how to be telehealth ready: Telehealth Using Zoom_ Setup help for clients (3)

We are offering free ‘tech checks’ with our therapy assistant team if you are not tech-savvy or want to give things a quick test before you start.

Short-term changes to NDIS Fees and Cancellation Policy/ Fees

Please note the NDIS has implemented measures to help support participants and providers.  Some of the new applicable measures include a 10% COVID loading on current rates (please call us for the most current rates) and the ability to charge 100% for cancellations.  We have always been very flexible with our cancellation policy  in the past but in recent times the playing field has changed and many practices across Australia are faced with huge number of cancellations in light of COVID.  The NDIS has implemented this policy short-term (3 months) to help small businesses continue to operate.  Plans will be amended to allow for the increase in these fees so your child’s plan won’t be impacted by these changes. We hope you understand and continue to work with us to keep our practice running and accessible to our community.

Please click here for information on the COVID-19 loading and cancellation policy for NDIS clients: NDIS COVID-19 Support Measures

Updates and News

The Australian Psychological Society has worked with Private Health Funds to approve Psychology services delivered by Telehealth. This is great news for our privately funded clients. Please click on the link for further details: Media Release: APS and Private Health Telehealth Rebates

6th April, 2020: Medicare Update

We have received notice that the government has approved fee for service sessions (Mental Health Plan and CDMs) for children over the age of 16.  Unfortunately for children under the age of 16, the government has approved bulk billing services only.  In effect, this means we can only bill for a no-gap service (meaning we get paid what the MHP or CDM rebate is). Unfortunately, we are unable to cover our costs with this rebate amount so are not in a position to offer this to our clients. We are keeping abreast of any announcements made and will inform you if/ when we are approved to bill for Telehealth sessions under Medicare. Please note, Private Health insurers are approving sessions under Telehealth. If your child is 16 or older, you are able to use your MHP/ CDM again as per our usual arrangement.


Please download and complete our Telehealth Consent Form if you are starting Telehealth sessions. If you don’t have a printer at home, ADOBE and DOCUHUB have online (electronic) signature options. Failing that, please email the form to or and confirm in the email you have read the form and agree to the content.   Telepractice Informed Consent

Helpful Resources

We will keep all of our helpful resources here so you can help your kids understand the changes to their therapy.


Take a look at our Facebook page also for further information.

Thanks to you all for your flexibility and commitment – we are as committed and look forward to seeing you online!

Love, The SK Team