Since 2007, we’ve assisted over 15,000 children and their families.

Children of all ages, from toddlers to tweens and older teenagers visit us at Sensational Kids. Our team works within a strong value system, placing children and their families at the centre of our practice.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility, dedication and commitment to positive outcomes. Your therapy plan will be tailor-made to suit your child and your individual family situation, budget and availability.

Our connection and communication with other professionals is second to none. We’re passionate about ensuring parents gain effective information and strategies to continue to work confidently with their children at home.

Sensational Kids provides services under NDIS (self and plan managed clients only), those paying privately or using Medicare plans.

Our sense of teamwork sets us apart.

Sensational Kids’ tight-knit team aims to achieve excellent outcomes through a combination of quality communication, prioritisation of the most important concerns and knowledge sharing. Our therapy approach is fluid, flexible and tailored to each child and their individual concerns. We often choose to enhance our treatment plan by recommending supporting sessions with other team members if we believe it will result in better outcomes.

Your involvement makes all the difference!

Parents and carers are a vital part of the therapy team at Sensational Kids. We’ll give you (as well as older siblings, nannies, grandparents and more!) the skills to use effective therapy tools confidently whenever you need to and support you as you learn these new techniques. We also work with teachers, carers and other support people to help the transfer of these new skills into different environments.

We are neurodiversity affirming.

‘Neurodiversity’ describes the idea that the variation in human brains is biologically normal and adaptive; no one brain should be prized as ideal or ‘normal’. Under this model, differences in brains such as those (including but not limited to) of Autism or ADHD are not viewed as disorders that need to be cured. Rather, these differences come with great strengths that should be championed.

At Sensational Kids, we firmly believe that therapy should support children, families and schools in understanding and respecting how their neurodivergent brain works. This knowledge empowers the neurodivergent child to view their differences as strengths rather than problems that need to be fixed. 

“Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general. Who can say what form of wiring will prove best at any given moment?” – Harvey Blume (1998) 


We are a great place to work!

Sensational Kids is a progressive practice that recognises the importance of providing a safe, enjoyable and friendly workplace for our team.  We provide world-class supervision and professional development opportunities to our team, so that they are able to grow professionally and continue to offer the most relevant and current therapy to our little clients.  We are proud to celebrate that we have recently ranked fourth in Australia in the AFR BOSS Australia’s Best Workplaces awards (2023) and rated most highly in the areas of Purpose, Wellbeing, Challenge & Growth. We were also a finalist in the 2023 Transformation Awards recognising our commitment to improving our practices and employee experience.