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Top 15 Tips for a Successful (Virtual!) Play Date

Interesting times call for interesting measures! While we are currently required to physically distance from our friends and play mates, many kids are undoubtedly craving some degree of social contact outside of the home. For older kids, online interaction with their friends may already be part of their pre-isolation life. However, parents may be wondering […]

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Top Ten Tips for the Summer Break

12/12/2016 | BehaviourOtherPlaySensorySpeech and language

The summer holidays are fast approaching here in Aus, and while many of us are looking forward to a relaxing few weeks of not having to get up and rush out the door each day, the holidays can in fact be a difficult time for some of our children with developmental differences. Here are our […]


The building blocks of Lego therapy

26/02/2016 | PlaySpeech and language

I absolutely love Lego. Seeing the brightly coloured blocks makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood; spending hours imagining and creating magical faraway places with my brothers’ hand-me-down Legos with the smell of freshly baked lemon drizzle cake drifting in from the kitchen. It is therefore very exciting when children come to see me in […]

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10 things to know about floortime

12/02/2016 | BehaviourBlogPlaySpeech and language

  As a parent of a child with developmental differences, the process of engaging in therapy to support your child’s development can be a daunting task. At the click of a Google search button, we can find tonnes of information about therapy approaches and programs available, all of which have something to offer. Parents thus […]


The keys to a (successful!) play-date…

Any parent who has tackled a holiday or after-school play-date for their child will know just how tiring and challenging play-dates can be! Play-dates bring multiple emotions, ideas, and opinions into the play, which can lead to conflict between strong personalities, cause our sensitive child to retreat, or send our ‘busy’ kids into their most […]