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Facing Anxiety At School – 7 Tips to Help

05/07/2022 | BehaviourBlogSchool success

Anxiety surrounding school is on the rise on the back of long periods at home in lockdown and the frequent and unpredictable changes to schooling over the past few years.   Anxiety in kids can sometimes be difficult to notice and once identified,  it can be challenging to know how to help. Anxiety in kids can […]


Transition time is music time

It’s never fun having to pack away toys and stop playing. Even sometimes simple things like putting our shoes on is a struggle! These difficulties with transitions can feel like they go on forever and become a routine part of every day. As parents and therapists we say to ourselves we’ll stay calm, we won’t […]


Bilingualism: Myths and Tips

In a culturally diverse country like Australia, close to 20% of the population speak another language at home. Many children grow up in families where they speak one language at home (their ‘mother tongue’) and English when attending day care, kinder and school. Many parents are concerned about the effect of their child’s bilingualism on […]

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Reading books is not just about learning how to read

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is about to launch Book Week for this year with the theme being, “Books Light Up Our World”. Books are such a great source of learning for children, and in keeping with this year’s theme, books for children are about widening the experiences of their world. When children enter […]

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Ready for school

12/06/2015 | BlogSchool success

As your child heads towards their first school year, you may be starting to think about whether they will be ready to take this next big step. Your child’s kindergarten teacher will also be observing their ‘school readiness’, and will discuss their thoughts around your child’s school readiness with you. So what exactly does school […]