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Top 15 Tips for a Successful (Virtual!) Play Date

Interesting times call for interesting measures! While we are currently required to physically distance from our friends and play mates, many kids are undoubtedly craving some degree of social contact outside of the home. For older kids, online interaction with their friends may already be part of their pre-isolation life. However, parents may be wondering […]


The keys to a (successful!) play-date…

Any parent who has tackled a holiday or after-school play-date for their child will know just how tiring and challenging play-dates can be! Play-dates bring multiple emotions, ideas, and opinions into the play, which can lead to conflict between strong personalities, cause our sensitive child to retreat, or send our ‘busy’ kids into their most […]

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Weekend Fun: Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #3

28/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

We are blessed this weekend to have wonderful weather heralding the onset of summer on Monday. To kick start our summer activities, here is a run down of the best activities for hot days. All of these activities have a huge range of sensory, language and physical opportunities. 1. The beach: The beach is a […]


Weekend fun – Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #2

21/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

This weekend we’ll feature some great activities to work on gross motor skills (movement that involves large muscle groups) including jumping, climbing, balance, coordination and running. Kids naturally love running and jumping but here are some fun activities that you can do with them than can also work on hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and planning!   […]

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Weekend Fun – Activities to keep little minds and bodies busy #1

14/11/2014 | Weekend Fun

It’s going to be a bit wet and wooly this weekend so here are a couple of great activities you can do inside and outside with your little ones.  We don’t promise them to be tidy but they are fun! How to make Cloud Dough A wonderful sensory activity for you and your kids.  Cloud […]