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All About Music Therapy

Ever wanted to know a bit more about Music Therapy? Meet Mei McCracken, our Registered Music Therapist based at Ormond and see what she has to say about how Music Therapists help kids develop all the skills they need to thrive. Music Therapy at Sensational Kids


Transition time is music time

It’s never fun having to pack away toys and stop playing. Even sometimes simple things like putting our shoes on is a struggle! These difficulties with transitions can feel like they go on forever and become a routine part of every day. As parents and therapists we say to ourselves we’ll stay calm, we won’t […]

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The Seven Senses and Sensory Integration

14/04/2017 | BlogSensory

Sensory integration is a process that refers to how we take in, interpret and subsequently react to sensory information from our internal organs and our environment. The way we process this information can affect our learning, activities of daily living, confidence and behaviours. Our 5 External senses are sight, sound, taste, touch & smell. Our […]

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Top Ten Tips for the Summer Break

12/12/2016 | BehaviourOtherPlaySensorySpeech and language

The summer holidays are fast approaching here in Aus, and while many of us are looking forward to a relaxing few weeks of not having to get up and rush out the door each day, the holidays can in fact be a difficult time for some of our children with developmental differences. Here are our […]

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Helping your child understand their sensory needs…

10/02/2016 | BlogBody and movementSensory

  With the school year into first gear, you may be noticing that your child may be showing some signs of tiredness or fatigue.  Perhaps they want to chill out in front of the tv after school, maybe they are very grumpy, more prone to tears, more sensitive than usual.  This happens to the best […]

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Swing, jump, roll! How movement helps our body

07/07/2015 | Body and movementOtherSensory

So, here’s a refresher from our school days. Can you name all of our senses? So there’s smell, sight, taste, touch and sound. But did you know we have two more senses (and no, intuition is not one of them!). You’ll most likely hear about these additional two senses when speaking with an Occupational Therapist […]